How to write your Facebook ad copy (with examples!)

Andrew Krauksts 05/10/2018

Everybody seems to be focused on one thing when it comes to Facebook ads

The mechanics. Things like…

How to create your ad.

How to access the ad platform.

How to install a tracking pixel or make a custom audience or track your metrics.

But the mechanics really aren’t that difficult, once you know what to do.  And they’re NOT what’s most important.

So what do successful Facebook ads have that unsuccessful ones don’t?

Well, it comes down to a few little things…that really aren’t so little.

A Facebook ad has three main sections:

  • The ad copy

  • The image (or video)

  • The call-to-action button (Learn more, download, etc.)

The image and the CTA button are extremely important (and we’ll get to them in a future blog post…)

But in my 6 years studying Facebook ads, I’ve learned that the ad copy makes the biggest difference.


The 3 areas of your Facebook ad copy

The ad copy — the words you use in your ad — is what ultimately separates the good from the bad. 

Some successful Facebook ads don’t even have images, after all. It’s your words that do the bulk of the selling!

Your Facebook ad has three main areas of text:


  1. Ad text

  2. Headline

  3. News Feed Description

Let’s break each element down further and explore what you need to include for a profitable Facebook ad…


Part 1: Speak to Your Audience with Your Ad Text

Your ad text is what sits above your image.


All your ad text needs to do is sell the click — to get readers to click on the ad to visit the next page…which takes them down the next part of the customer journey.

Successful ad text includes two main elements:

  • A hook

  • A solution or benefit

The hook calls your audience out, typically by speaking to a pain point or problem. It paints a picture of their “before” situation.

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In our example, the hook is “Struggling to unwind after a stressful day at the office?”

“Struggling to…” is an easy and effective way to start your hook. A few examples of other hooks we could use are…

  • If you’re tired of…

  • Ever hoped you could…

  • Are you dealing with…

  • Did you know that…

Once you’ve caught attention with the hook, present your solution or benefit. This is where you show the “after” scenario.

I also call this section the “CTA and receivable”. We tell people what to do (the call-to-action) and what they will get when they do so (the receivable).

Download this recipe booklet (CTA) on 5 ways to make the perfect martini to relax. (receivable)

Start the solution with phrases like:

  • Download…

  • Watch…

  • Read…

  • Learn…

Part 2: Grab Attention with Your Headline

The ad headline is the larger, bold part of text that sits below the image.


Because this text is larger and bold, it naturally draws someone’s eye. Use this to your advantage and include text to grab them.

For a scroll-stopping headline, you need to speak directly to your audience. Do this by either addressing a problem (reiterating your hook) or sharing the solution.

In this example, we use How to Make the Perfect After-Work Cocktail (the solution). We could also have used Struggling to Relax After Work? (the hook). Either would work!

Part 3: Reiterate the Message in the News Feed Description

The News Feed description is what sits underneath the headline.


It’s right above the call-to-action button, so make sure it keeps moving your reader to act!

Come back to the CTA and receivable. Remind them what they’re going to get and what they need to do.

7 seconds to soothe your stress (receivable) after a long day on the job — click here! (CTA)

There are many ways you can slice your Facebook ad copy. This is by no means exhaustive!

It’s a simple copywriting formula to get you started. The problem/solution framework we’re using is a proven copywriting model that gets results.

It’s one of the strategies I still use, even after investing tens of thousands of dollars into split-testing what type of copy works.

Do yourself a favor and don’t overthink this one — trust me, it works!


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